I need feedback on my first Todo App project

I have created this Progressive Web App (PWA) in VueJS and Vuetify. I need feedback as I am still learning…

Links to project are:

Live At: https://my-todos-webdevcrow.netlify.com
GitHub Repo: https://github.com/WebDevCrow/my-todos

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Looks lovely! I did notice one oddity: if I hit enter or the + button when I don’t type anything, it adds a todo item of “What needs to be done?”

looks slow from my side while adding the to do

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Oh, I just found out that it’s actually an input there with a placeholder, and there you can edit it.

@imsamtar: Maybe make the input inside each item (the one to edit it) to be more clear that it is an input? Or maybe at least some way to make it more clear that it’s an input, not some text saying “What needs to be done?” One way to do that would be to change the placeholder to “Type here to change the text of this todo item” or something like that. Looks pretty good though! :smiley:

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  • Honestly it should prevent you from adding an empty todo list item in my opinion.
  • If you add too much text, the text hides and you can’t see it all unless you click on it and scroll to the end.

I like it though overall! Nice little project.

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Thanks for giving your time.
@chuckadams + @RadDevDad thanks. I am going to fix this.
@Steffan153 thanks. I am going to change placeholder so that everyone should know what is going on…
Thank you all for your feedback

May be because It is using Vuetify. I am thinking to rewrite it in pure CSS + VueJS.

I think that would make it faster.

Thanks for your feedback