I do not understand how to submit my first certification project, not even code problem but please how do I submit Survey form?

Just go to the survey form project challenge page and copy the code there to submit. Also if you are stuck, please post your code and a link to the challenge so we can see what you are seeing.

If I copy the code there should I submit it on this forum?

Can you post a link to the project page first so we know we are talking about the same thing?

Let me check the link

This link is to the curriculum page not the survey project page.
Here is the survey project link you should be using. Copy the code into the file in -that- page.

Yes just copy the code there.

Not sure how to copy all the code

You can just use your mouse to copy and paste it in.

I’m using mobile phone

Pls move to a computer and do it from there if your mobile phone is too hard to use.

Ok, my mobile phone can only copy 1 line of code. Maybe later I try it with computer

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hi there, were you trying to ask something? (the post is not comprehensible currently)

My question now is can I copy a code which I write from other code editor to submit on freecodecamp? I don’t have a computer yet meaning I will have to go to Cyber cafe before I can submit any project. I couldn’t be able to copy my code from freecodecamp web version. I can rewrite the code on another editor where I can be able to copy and submit the code.

Yes. You should copy the code into the freecodecamp editor so you can test and submit it.

Thanks, I will rewrite and copy it from other editor instead of going to Cyber cafe

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