I don't know what this question means?

Next you are going to be styling the footer element. To keep the CSS organized, add a comment at the end of styles.css with the text FOOTER .
Challenge: Step 78

Link to the challenge:


You are asked to create a css comment with the text FOOTER.
A css comment looks like this:

/* This is a css comment */

Hi @vinayaksharma2777 !

Here, you are told to add a comment in the css file: style.css, saying FOOTER.

Just add this: Mod edit solution removed.

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I know how to write a comment. It doesnt go through.


I am having a similar problem can you kindly share your result of the task?

Try resetting the task, refreshing your browser and disabling any adblocks for the website if you have any installed.

You have to copy those: /FOOTER/

FOOTER is wrong write in exercise. NOT “O” but “0”

The best way is copy word from exercise and paste.

The solution could be a very subtle misunderstanding of the placement of asterisks. The opening for the comment tag is /* but the closing is */ as you can see the asterisk is always on the inside. This may help you

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