I feel overwhelmed!

I have started to line python, my first serious attempt at learning to code. Got the book, “Cracking the coding interview” . I will have to learn java just to understand the code in the book. So overall have to learn 3 programming languages java, js and python in a very short time of 3-4 months, build a portfolio to even have a chance to apply for jobs.

maybe three languages are a bit much… you would be able to get some basic syntax for all three, but not go below the surface anywhere.

Use those 3-4 months to start learning one of the three languages, you have always time later

Hi HustlerBunny,

Learning 3 languages sounds like a big task! Are you sure you have to learn them all? I would advise you to go deep into one language so that you can start to build awesome projects as soon as possible. This way, in such a short time you will build a decent portfolio for employers to see.

And don’t be afraid to diversify your learning: don’t only follow the book, but also do some courses on the internet. This way you will be seeing the subject from different perspectives and gain a better insight on the possibilities that the language offers. It will also lessen the probabilities of getting stuck and losing motivation, because if you get stuck on the book you are still making progress on the courses, and vice versa.

I wish you good luck and lots of hustle!

You don’t need to learn 3.

If Java is used in cracking the coding interview, and you want to understand the solution provided then just learn Java.

If you want to stick with just JavaScript, you can also do that. The point of that book isn’t the solutions rather the concepts and application. If you understand the concept, you should be able to implement the solution with whatever language you know. On her github page, which is in the book, she also provide solutions in various languages including js and python.

Learn 1 language, get used to coding and thinking with it, then branch out. You won’t get very far trying to learn 3 languages at once