Change my career

Hi everyone, I am 40 years old and want to change my career.
My questions are about how many programs do I need to learn before applying to a job? Can I learn only web development and then start to look for a job? because every program may take me over 3 months to complete it. Thank you.

Im assuming you mean programming languages. At the least youre going to need to know javascript and html/css. on top of javascript you will need to know some how to use frameworks, build servers, deploy apps, testing, etc

you can finish a course in 3 months but its tough for most people to get a job right after especially if you didnt go to a bootcamp and you taught yourself.

you will need to have a decent portfolio of work to show employers and also be pretty proficient in using various tools.

you can start applying for jobs when ever you want but you might have a hard time getting people to notice you with only 3 months of experience

on a more positive note check out this post

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