Have a question,can I learn multiple programming language simultaneously

And can I learn ruby and java with python ?
Is it help in my learning?

Sure, same as anything. It’ll just be much more difficult; the context switching alone will cause pretty serious problems.

It’s much easier to learn one thing at a time. Why is the question you need to ask yourself – as long as there’s a good reason, that you’re actually building towards something specific, then maybe. You’ve listed three fairly similar general-purpose languages. For example you want to build thing a and you want to use Java, and you want to also build thing b and that will use Python. As long as you’re constantly using them and reinforcing learning by doing then :man_shrugging:

If you’re just learning them for learning’s sake, imo pick one because you’ll probably hit a wall otherwise and start to flit between them .The process of learning will probably end up taking longer than it would have if you’d just learned one language before going onto the next one.

The normal process is that you feel pretty good once you’ve learned the basic syntax. But then you get to the actual hard stuff (and that hard stuff is often not language-specific), so you go and work on the basics of another language. Then hit a wall when you get to hard stuff and so on. So you aren’t really learning much even though it feels like you are.

IMO if it is just learning for learning’s sake, and you really want to learn multiple langs, then pick one off your list plus one or more from different paradigms – for example

  • declarative, for example SQL
  • functional, for example Standard ML
  • logical, for example Prolog
  • a lisp of some kind, for example Racket
  • C or Rust or some language that’s a bit closer to the metal and necessitates carefully managing memory.

These courses are fantastic, I would :100: recommend them (but note they expect you know one general-purpose language first, for example Java):


thank you for your nice reply.I realise this thing and i only focus in one thing one time rule.
i am only focus to learn one subject at a time.

And I would start with the basics. Then gradually moved from simple to complex. It’s more comfortable for me.