Can i learn C and Python Simulatenously. Is it good

I am allocating 2 hrs for C and 2 hrs for Python.
for example if i take the basic programs such as prime numbers,co primes,strong,perfect numbers etcc…
i am trying to code it in c first later i am doing it in python
So is learning c and python same time is good ?

Id focus on one language at a time.


You certainly can study two languages at once, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have to. You make better progress by giving all of your attention to one thing instead of half your attention to two things. Beyond that, if this is your first time learning a language, a lot of the learning curve is actually going to be related to core concepts of programming. Learning these foundations once will transfer to other languages and make learning them in the future go much smoother.


Thank you @ArielLeslie :slight_smile:

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