I finished my random quote machine!

Took ages to work out how to use API’s but I finally managed it! First quote isn’t random but rest are randomly taken from array populated with an API call. I couldn’t get this particular API to load single random quotes.
Here it is :- http://codepen.io/JSDev16/full/EyzPAX/

I don’t know what you were going to say with this design, but I take it as a gamepad and therefore expect some buttons on the sides :grin:.

Try to add some more styling to your page – at least make a visual difference between quote and its author. And I guess the common practice is to show author’s name on the right side.

P.S.> Congratulations with dealing with the API, take me a while too :slight_smile: Expect it to be slightly more difficult with the next few projects.

Thanks for your feedback.

I agree that the styling is lacking but for some reason the only alternative font I can select is “Lobster” - which looks silly - none of the others show up so I just left it with the default font.