I have a few questions about what to use and when in the Front End Projects

I spent almost all morning learning to install react with boostrap in Visual Studio Code, installing git and making it work with github in VSC, and installing useful extensions on VSC (mostly by reading official documentation and watching youtube.)

My doubts are about if its common to use let say: React+Redux+Boostrap in small projects like the “Random quote generator” or its better to use just the mininum neccesary needed to make the project work(also is FCC JS certificate missing challenges on how to integrate JS with html or did i miss something, im pretty sure i never learn how to show results or interact with events,etc.)

Im thinking about using as many as possible in order to practice and learn more about all them which could be useful for a future and more complex project/job.

I know what each of them do and when they may become handy for a task, but i wanna know what you guys think on this kind of subject from an experienced dev standpoint: should i use most of them in order to get practice/learn or make the projects as simple as possible?

Also, anyone have any good reading or watching material on how to sketch or design a project (maybe react oriented, like files and folders order/structure), in order learn where and how to start coding it, im kinda overwhelmed right now when i compare it to the simple “first html then css” from the responsive web projects.

VSCode has integrated terminal, but to make you easier working with github, install gitbash and in VSCode itself change it to it. This is done for you to have all tools in one place. You can even open several integrated terminals, one for example for auto compiling i.e. npm run watch, second for for git upload. As for when to use React or Redux or something, it depends if the project is existing with it, or by construction demands it. I never found use for Redux, but hey, never say never.
Anyroad, it’s good to use all of them when you practice, for everything else only if needed.

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Unless you know you need what Redux provides, it’s unlikely you need it. For example, if you are having problems marshalling lots of complex state and being able to access it throughout an app, then it might be useful. If you don’t know, then you aren’t likely to need the extra complexity. It’s not something you should just install as a matter of course, and is almost always unnecessary for simple apps.

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