I have a new project idea? when is the time to ask patent on that idea?

what is a prerequisite to get patent?
is it necessary to take patent before I completed the project? because I want to be the first in that idea? and also what happens until I finished the project someone is doing my project. and announce before me? I need help?

do you have tre knowledge and skills to complete this project?
in most country you need to patent a project before making it public, otherwise can’t be patented anymore.
You need to check with a legal counsellor expert in patent law in your country for everything that needs to be done. And if you can have a provisional patent, to fill in details later. The patent have to be of the whole project, not just an idea.

Anyway, seems to be a lot of money.
You need to be sure to be familiar with the language and technologies.

If you have done only web responsive web design certification, it is not enough. Anything worth it can’t just be a static website.

I understand that responsive web design is not enough, but the reason why I decided to learn to code is that I really want my project- idea into existence. I already finished the Project Documentation.
but i don’t know whether some one is doing or not until i finished it?

then if that’s what you really want you need to talk to someone expert in patents law, like a specialised legal counsellor

you can’t ask this advice on the internet.

I’m pretty sure you cannot patent software app idea in general - it would be the same as to “patent a car”. However you can probably patent certain unique components of the app, like new way of data transfer or new security algorithms etc.


I don’t think you can patent an “idea”.

When it comes to developing software patenting stuff doesn’t really come up, nor should it. This shouldn’t be confused with licensing, as if someone takes your software code, and tries to re-sell it as their own work, that is something you can protect with software licensing.

However trying to patent your work is more or less a waste of time. Let’s say you develop a social network where people connect to other people, and you make money off ads. This model is basically all social media sites that exist. Does this mean you can get sued by Facebook? No, as long as all your work is your own, the idea of a social media site can’t be protected, or “owned” by anyone, but the execution can. On top of this Facebook wasn’t even the first social network application! (Hello MySpace)

I want to point out that even if you have a million dollar idea, its only a matter of time until some competitor will take whatever you execute, do it better and take market share. This is basically how tech businesses works. This always happens if your idea is worth anything. Even the best ideas can be “tweaked”, made better, made simpler, and disrupt the market. The only way to protect your million dollar idea is to continue to innovate and say ahead of the curve.

I’d step back and worry more about executing your project to the best of your ability, rather then the aftermath of a project being so successful people try to take it. Never execute your best idea first, as its too easy screw it up due to lack of experience. Worry more about the execution then the aftermath, worst case scenario your idea is too successful haha.


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Thank you i like your suggestions