I need Advice (Newbie)

Hello ,guys👋 I hope that everyone is doing fine in these rough times.
I have some projects (websites apps …) i want to do In’cha’allah .I have a team in my mind ( some are my friends some are not ) but before i tell them what are we working on Do i need them to sign something in order to protect my idea from leaking ?

Also For example let’s say i go to an organization to present them an idea that i have like building an education platform using their resources do i need also to make them sign a contract like if they decide to do it without me i need to get some percentage out of it.

i know the laws differ depending on the country one is living in but i hope you guys can give me an advice on this :hugs: and Thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

People get really possessive of their ideas. In reality, what people will buy is not some secret idea but rather a high quality implementation of something useful. I wouldn’t worry so much about forcing people into legally binding secrets but instead focus on writing high quality software.

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That’s True but what if one of my fellow teammates decides to go find other teammates in the middle of the project or something that’s one of the main reasons that i suggested it . and thank you :grin:.

It is hard to take an idea and turn it into high quality software, especially if someone else has a head start on you. Again, I would worry less about coercing secrecy and instead worry about writing high quality software.

Some companies have their employees sign non-disclosure agreements or non-compete agreements, but ultimately someone will only pay you for useful software, so that needs to be the focus.

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Well, you know, it’s great to create an idea that can be sold and brings you money but it should have a great implementation as well.
I advise you not to rely just on people but on their skills as well, cause the project should be done by brains at the very beginning. Then you may scale you product by inviting more people. Many startups started this way. Goodluck anyway!

Thank you :grin:.But can you give me advice on this let’s say i prepare a sample of the website and an application i’m trying to sell to an organisation and present it to them so they can know what we are capable of but still they decide to do it on their own even though they didn’t have the idea i was sharing with them ?

Thank you very much :grin:.

You can’t really stop a company from deciding to hire someone else to make them a website or application. (I mean, their are technically ways to do this, but realistically no company will sign some binding before-we-show-you-this-agree-to-only-buy-it-from-us-before-we-even-show-you-what-it-is contract)

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I know that but what i meant is my idea doesn’t only involve making them a website and an application that’s why.
but thank you very much i got it :grin:.

Again, companies don’t buy typically super unique ‘no other human could have ever thought this up’ ideas. Companies buy software they believe will be useful.

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If that your purpose, just focusing build your product, find the right person at the beggining that can “wear many hats”, the company will come itslef if they found some advantage using your product compared to similar products.

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Thank you and I will :blush:.

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Short answer: I wouldn’t worry about this sort of thing right now.
Longer answer:
If you want a legal contract to protect you, then you need to be talking to a lawyer rather than an internet forum. If you are hiring employees, then you will presumably need a legal employment contract and a professional can advise you as to what degree of non-compete agreement that can involve. If your business idea has not yet reached the point where you have a lawyer and employees, then not only is it not necessary yet but you probably wouldn’t be able to enforce it.


Thank you :grin: But before checking with a lawyer i wanted to check with the professionnels in here in order to have a better understanding so an Internet forum is helpful :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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