I have a question as a newbie

Hello, everyone, I’ve been learning programming for one month to be a data scientist and to move to any country, but I’m worried about my future plans, first one, I’m 21 years old Japanese, so I’d say that it’s late to aim to learn programming, at least I got used to use PC using for ten years.I’m not a college student yet due to poor family and second question is which course is helpful for learning data science on FCC? by the way my programming skill is totally beginner. sorry for my vague questions, I hope that you all can understand what I asked :slight_smile:

21 is far form too late to learn programming. freeCodeCamp has stories of people learning in their 30s, 40s, 50s… 21 is plenty young


Thank you for your answering, I’m relieved to hear that:)

Welcome to the forum!

Python is the language of data science. Use the Python courses on FCC to get a first impression and gain basic knowledge.

Here’s a data science and machine learning roadmap you can use to plan your education:

It mentions both fields since they are close to each other, like sharing Python as their main language.

I wish you success on your journey.


It’s a pleasure to meet you dear Daniel. Thank you for the wonderful information! I was looking for a course to be a data scientist. I’ll do my best!!

Note - it’s easier to become a self taught programmer than a self taught data scientist. Data science is really statistics, so youall need to learn a lot of math


I’m 24 and have been learning for 1 year 4 months so far. If you want to learn data science you’ll probably want to focus on Python ig.

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Hello, It’s a pleasure to meet you and I’m happy that I could met with young learner:) as you taught me, I’ll start to learn Python properly.

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