I have not found a clear to follow

What part should i follow for software development

That is a broad category. And even if you narrow it down, there is more than one path, sometimes many, many. And “clear” is relative.

FCC offers a path for web development. Follow the Visit the Curriculum button in the top left of your screen.

Thank you very much, I will go through and follow

When developing webpages should one include UI/UX designs into learning scheme are focus on software development.

It’s good to learn a little bit of design, but most companies will have people specializing in it. Still, pay attention, learn a little. At the very least it will help you make better apps for your portfolio.

okay, what application is best required for the designs?

I don’t know. I never used one. I was more suggesting learning underlying principles of good design and UX.

okay, could you help go through this website, I created it during my HTML5 and CSS 3 tutorial with mosh, https://moshnew.netlify.app/
What can I do to improve myself?

You should start a thread in the project feedback section. There are people much better at style review than me.

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