Is it OK to stick with the code in the real world projects?

I’m new to web dev industry and like coding, i did the first part of FCC and i’m going to complete the road map.

when i was doing the first few projects i notice that i don’t like the design like UI/UX or how the website looks, i’m interested in the coding part HTML/CSS/JS libraries and framework and back end.

so is it OK to stick with the code part, like i have a template and i code along till deployment or i have to as web developer in real projects decide how the website looks and decide the design ideas using XD and photoshop and take care of UX?

I’m trying to understand your question. I think you’re asking, “Is it OK for a coder to just be really good at coding and not have to be worried about design, UI, and UX?”

Sure. Absolutely. A lot of developers are not good at or don’t enjoy those things. I am a terrible designer and I hate doing it. While there are jobs where you need to do it all, there are also jobs where there are people specifically for that. On my job, there is a design team that makes those decisions. And as you say, if you are making web sites from templates and just worry about the inner workings.

On the other side of the coin, it is important to understand something about these subjects. Even though there is a design team at work, I often give feedback and have to make small design or UI/UX decisions myself as I’m building out a new feature, Sure, on side projects, I could use a template, but then everything would look the same and I would loose a lot of flexibility. I could even subcontract out the design to someone that specializes in that. But no matter what, I would still have to make modifications that I have to “fix” in terms of design.

So yeah, you don’t have to be an expert. But also, having some basic understanding is useful and makes you a better developer. A lot of it you just pick up over time. Sometimes I’ll just google “best web site designs” just to get ideas. I’ve read books like Don’t Make Me Think and The Design of Everyday Things. I’ll never be an expert, but it makes me a better developer. And once you learn a little bit about the basic principles, it makes more sense.

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