I have solution, but

function titleCase(str) {

            let cadenaNueva = '';

            str = str.toLowerCase();

            let arraPalabras = str.split(' ');

            arraPalabras.forEach(element => {


                        let letras = element.split('');

                        cadenaNueva += (letras[0].toUpperCase());

                        for(let i = 1; i < letras.length; i++){

                            cadenaNueva += (letras[i]);


                            cadenaNueva = cadenaNueva + ' ';


            str = cadenaNueva;

            return (str);


titleCase("I'm a little tea pot");

Is there some sort of question here?

The solution fails because you have an extra space in the returned string.

cadenaNueva = cadenaNueva + ' ';

there is a trailing space in the returned string because of this line.

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