I just finished my Tribute page, your feedback would be so helpful

Check it out: :smiley:


It looks clean and tidy to me. Quite a bit of white-space on the page but, that’s not bad thing. Are you looking for any particular concerns, with the layout, the code?

  • Don’t use br to create vertical spacing (html is not meant for visuality, use it for content)
  • there’s no </br> in html
  • <body> is a top level element, don’t put it in <div>
  • the image is not centered

Overall, you don’t seem to know basic html and css. In that case you won’t understand what Bootstrap is all about.

Thank you @bilgiprog I’m new to coding, can you tell me what to use instead of to create vertical spacing?

I don’t know if my code is right and clean, can you give me feedback about it.

I used center-block but it didn’t center the image, I don’t know why, something must be wrong with my code.

If you’re using bootstrap, you could place the image in a div with class=“col-md-4 col-md-offset-4”; and you could of course change those numbers to suit the desired size of the image. You would also need to set the image’s properties to fill that div.

@MABoubekri this place is not a school. It’s something known as bootcamp. If I spoonfeed you it won’t be to your benefit in the end. I suggest you complete your fundamental education first if you’re having trouble learning from the endless sea of information on the Internet.

Free Code Camp is not a bootcamp.

This forum is not a bootcamp either.

We learn together here, and unlike many other corners of the internet, we do welcome all questions from newcomers, no matter how many times we have heard them before.

The only thing we typically try to avoid is giving people working code to pass problems when the recipient cannot understand what we just gave them.

You are free to answer or not answer any question, of course, but I would just like to emphasise that the hardline approach you have voiced here is not shared by the majority of the contributors to this forum.


For vertical spacing you can look into CSS properties such as margin and padding to add some breathing room to your elements.

Review these FCC challenges:

I understand you don’t welcome people who speak the truth, might be bad for business(I noticed you locked some other thread for it). But just know that it’s a crime to condition and make people work at slave levels. There was a post in this forum that literally advocated a full-stack development job for $560/month and several posters said “go for it, opportunity of a lifetime” etc… even the bottom blue-collar does not work at that rate, that is the post/thread you should’ve deleted.
I’d suggest you consider what you’ve might be accessory to before deleting my post.

@P1xt thank you so much! I’ve understood it and I corrected it and the error won’t be done again! Thank you so much! :smiley:

@P1xt what can I tell you! Thanking you won’t be enough! I would love to have you as a friend :smiley:

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@P1xt I just sent you a private message on Gitter.im, check it out! and I’ve followed you on GitHub.