I just wanted to say thank you

I’m a developer who used to hate HTML and CSS and many times in the years I’ve tried to stretch my comfort zone by learning it well (I knew just the very basics) but always ended up to be overwhelmed by confusing resource and fail. With your course I become good at writing HTML and CSS and it’s just wonderful to see your application UI build under your eyes while you type your template and stylesheet without the need to Google each minute. I can’t wait to use my new skill to give improve the layout of my React projects, to rewrite my personal website and, of course, to get my certification (I’m working on a tribute page for Ragnar Lothbrok).
Since thanks didn’t keeps your lights on I even become a contributor, I grew up in an italian small town and I know what’s like to not have proper opportunities to learn programming despite wanting to master this skill and build apps so I hope to help you to help someone else.


Thank you so much for your kind words and for helping to support freeCodeCamp. Happy coding!

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