Thank you very much!

I would like to thank the Freecodecamp and all users for the support. I got my FrontEnd developer certificate. :grinning::trophy:

Although already working with programming for 7 years, I’ve always worked on BackEnd projects/techs. Some time ago I realized that I had a knowledge gap that was making my work difficult at some times: FrontEnd.

I found the freecodecamp in a dev forum. I liked the site, created an account (I was not sure it would be the right place to learn) and finished my MyCatApp. :smile_cat: Day after day the challenges became more interesting and useful.

The challenges help me to learn and improve various topics in “FrontEnd world”. The methodology of the site was spectacular, and it helped a lot in the constancy of the developments. The forum and the users are part of all this too, always willing to help and give feedback about the projects.

Today, I’m a much better programmer. And much of that due to FreeCodeCamp.

The least I do is say: thank you! :slight_smile:

I’ll continue with the challenges of BackEnd because, despite working in the area, there are several technologies that we can not work in practice, so there is a lot to learn.
I’ll continue to participate in the forum discussions as well, supporting those who have any questions/problems.

If you want, here is the list of my front-end challenges I’ve developed (ALL projects can improve a lot, feel free to find any bug or improvement).

Best regards! Thank you so much! :slight_smile::tada::champagne:

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Congratulations!!! You’ve done a great job of organizing and documenting your work on GitHub. That’s a good lesson learned.

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