I know nothing about coding

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i know know nothing about coding and i wanted to start the 300 hours of QA course but the first lesson is so hard i don’t understand anything
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Challenge: Learn How JavaScript Assertions Work

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That’s because you’re jumping in at the middle of the curriculum. There are 5 sections that come before it.

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If you want to learn to run, you’ll have to be able to crawl first. There’s no other way than start from the very beginning. The first certification, html. Even if you start with second certification first (Javascript - which is possible), you’ll still have to finish the first certification. There’s no shortcut.

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Wow, yeh that’s a tough place to start! What is your aim with learning coding @yarasamri18? You want to build websites or web apps etc?

just stay positive,it will help u

It’s because you are shooting high from the beginning

As your programs or web applications become more complex, you’ll want to test them to make sure that new changes don’t break their original functionality.

The curriculum is meant to be done from top-to-bottom, you cannot skip courses unless they are unrelated.
I haven’t done the QA, but I can tell you, you’ll need:

  1. Responsive Web Design to know how a website is made to look the way it does
  2. JavaScript to understand code
  3. Frontend- and Backend to understand how websites work

DataVisulization might not be necessary, as this is a specific JavaScript library and there are others for the same results. However the other 4 courses seem pretty vital to understand QA.

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