I lost my progress!

I started studying from here on 13.09.2017 ( yesterday ). I logged in today, just to continue studying and I realised, that all my excercises, which I’ve done ( around 50 ) are lost and my progress is lost. What I could do?

It’s also very strange that I started where I left the last exercise, but the counter in the top right corner is reset to 1?

This must be the 98th post by someone saying they lost their progress. Did none of the other threads help?

It happened to me as well, I simply go to map manu and start from unfinished exercise.

Hi all! I have the same problem, I lost all my progress (around 180 exercises). Does anybody can help?

Try doing a search on the forum. This question has been answered many times already.

I am trying to reset but when I started doing it again after clicking on run tests . Its notb working

How does this relate to the original poster’s question? If you have a question about your code for a challenge, please use the Ask for Help button located on the challenge.

Thank you.

Sorry to hear that. Are you sure you have logged in the same way as always? If you for example login by email or by github you will have two differents accounts. Even if the email you are using are the same.

No, I use the same account, look at http://prntscr.com/l3hzaa
Two browsers, in one I have progress, in another I don’t :frowning:

That is most strange @a.svetlitskiy. Hopefully someone from freeCodeCamp staff can help you out!