I’m 32 and I want to enroll in software engineering

Hi guys I know tons of you are expert about this so I want to ask you, am I old to start from first? I’m a civil engineer and have 32 years old but I started to learn codes one year ago I’ve learned every things by my self with self studies and references now I have 3 app which are waiting for app store. I love Swift language so I can say my level intermediate and now 2 small companies wanted me but I want to get my academic degree so what are you thinking now? because I immersed my self in coding and dont want to continue civil career. That not be late for me if after 4 years i get my bachelor and start to find new job? Any companies like to hire a 38-40 years old software engineer who is beginner in this career ?
Thanks for your advices

Why would you not have taken one of these opportunities and go to school part-time?

Because I fear my education time goes to 8 years instead of 4 years. I’m just worrying about my age😕

I guess it is all about what is most important to you. If you can make money with job offers without a degree, take a job and the education will be a good supplement when you finally get the degree. If you just want the piece of paper with the degree stamped on it and can afford to go to school full-time with little to no work for making money, then focus on getting the degree.

There are many successful developers here who do not have formal computer programming degrees.

Ok but I just know about Swift language not other things or any fundamental about programming as I said I just learned by my self and don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket but I think I follow your advice and enroll myself for part time school :pray:t2: