I made a Codenames board game using Firebase

Hey everyone, I made a codenames board game for my friends using Firebase with real-time updates. Any suggestions on how to improve the app? I’m thinking of migrating from Firebase to NodeJS and socket.io but I’m not sure how to do it. https://codernames.firebaseapp.com

I don’t know how to play the game , but whenever I click on a button and an alert box pops up, the whole screen disappears. And also, I’d avoid using alert boxes, you can have a modal or a div on screen for example to alert a client with a message.
re: socket.io, it is not too bad if you have a little familiarity with Node.js, if you have none, I’d recommend you go through the FCC lessons for the Apis And Microservices Certification.

Hmm I’m not sure why it disappeared for you as it’s working fine for me. Thanks for the feedback though. I will switch to a modal. Idk if it’s worth the effort switching to socket.io as my app is still working fine at this stage. I’m trying to see if the game has any potential for matching with online strangers before I switch.

It’s working now, it wasn’t yesterday when I made that comment and also did not see the ‘what’s this about link’ yesterday, Now I can not scroll down to see the bottom table (i’m on google chrome)