I made my first complete website: Front and Backend

I made a URL shortener, all of it done with what I’ve learned in FCC (and a bit of StackOverflow)

If allows you to send a custom code, instead of a randomly generated string of numbers and digits.
When you go to a code that doesn’t exists, it redirects you to the 404 page.

Website is fully responsive (most of it, css wasn’t cooperating so I left a bit of it out)

Please tell me what you think, I know it’s nothing out of this world but it’s my first actual project/full website.

Here’s the link https://re-directed.herokuapp.com/


@Bob.i Your project looks really nice and professional. Things are spaced out properly and the colors are coordinated. It also works. I did this.



What needs fixing is mobile view. I recommend stacking things up, think column.
To help yourself think about how this would look if you designed it mobile view before creating the desktop version.
In the mobile view you can probably remove the ‘start shortening’ button and the ‘shorten’ button.

By the way, can we see the code? What is running on the backend?

Yeah I totally forgot to stack the thins in mobile view for the main page, on the 404 page it’s stacked. And the oversized divs was just me not having the patience to deal with CSS.