I need advice in starting in Front End Development

HI all,

I have been attending Full Sail and I am in my Senior year. I am also on the Intermediate Front End Development Projects. How and when should I start my career search? Is there a way to use all of my code that I have done on here so far to demonstrate my skills? A lot of employers have general requirements that I feel like I have but I need help conveying my competencies to them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Randall W.

Just let them know what skills you have and what programming languages you are fluent in.

I have a resume that conveys that, but I am still not getting any hits. :-/

When you say “hits” are you talking about calls from employers due to them viewing your resume?

all of the above honestly.

Bug the heck out of them! call every place that you know is hiring for a job you are interested in. Hopefully they will give you an interview. If you have submitted an application call about a week after submitting it and check the status of it. If they say that your application has not been reviewed yet then call back the next day and don’t give up. Stay consistent but be sure not to harass ! Good luck my friend :slight_smile: