I need advices about my future

Hello everyone. I have a lot of questions and a lot of doubts of what should i do with my life. The thing is, i finished IT college in Bosnia and Herzegovina ( 3 year bachelors degree). I didn’t master any IT skills on my college, i just learned a lot of basics on MySQL (simple commands), Java (NetBeans simple tasks), Business models, online marketing, some Photoshop, a lot of Microsoft Word and Excel, some math courses and a lot of meaningless stuff i will never need. The college program was based mostly about learning the basics and then if you want to learn more, you need to do it by yourself ( which I didn’t have time or desire to do back then).

So i have a lot of small pieces of knowledge in IT field but none of them are connected and organized.

After i finished college i got a green card and i moved to USA, a year ago. Since i moved here, I haven’t been looking for a job in my field. I’ve been working in food industry (kitchen prep, busser, server), i’m on my legs 12-13 hours a day and it’s really stressful. I make around 20k a year and working too damn hard for it. I have problems with nerves in my legs and i cannot be on my legs like i am now all the time, i have to change something.

I decided I’m going to finish summer season in Ohio and then move somewhere in bigger city (probably Denver, Colorado) and try to find a different job there.

I have a IT bachelors degree but i don’t know if they will acknowledge it in USA and if its valid at all.

That’s the problem number 1 for me.

Problem number 2 is a BIG problem.

I don’t have any real knowledge in my field, I don’t know how to do anything except for basic stuff i learned on my college which is meaningless in finding a job.

I was thinking to attend a bootcamp but I’m not sure how much they cost and I don’t even know which one to pick!

Should i try to go for a Front End Developer (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) …?

Or should i go for the programming and try to learn Java or Python?

What kind of BootCamp should i find in Denver, Colorado?

Is there anything (video, article, forum post) that can help me to decide what part of IT field should i choose?

So far, Front End Developer seem the easiest for me to learn and fastest so i can try to find a job. But I’m reading every day that it’s really hard to land a first job as a Junior Front End Developer. How much do they make in Colorado or Ohio?

I have so many questions and i need guidance and a lot of advices and opinions on this.

Please help me guys, thank you in advance!

Welcome and just keeping it in my mind and thinking about it.


Stefan, freecodecamp is really all you need, just dive deep in it, and you’ll find many answers to your questions. DO IT. ALL. START NOW!

Look at freecodecamp curriculum, and you’ll find even preparation for job interview(s).

Listen to freecodecam podcast at https://podcast.freecodecamp.org/ You’lll find many, many answer to your questions, and you’ll get some guidance…

Engage yourself in this forum. Read. Help others. See what others are doing.

I really don’t need to mention that you MUST be disciplined and hard working, to endure on this looong journey.

Wishing you all the best,