I need help about python

What is the best python learning book?

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Hello there!

First of all, please use more specific titles for your topics so we know what is it about, because posting into the Python category makes it very obvious that you need help about Python! :slight_smile:
Then, it depends on your language, but let’s say you want books written in english, here are some good ones:

  1. Python Crash Course, by Eric Matthes
    It’s a really good book to start learning Python in no time! More than 500 pages of intensive learning, very well explained. As I said, in no time you will be able to understand the basics of Python logic and programming, use a few frameworks and be able to start advanced programming!
  1. Learn Python the Hard Way: 3rd Edition, by Zed Shaw
    A really good book too, built with more than 50 exercises to make progress while practicing. Around 300 pages.
  1. Fluent Python: Clear, Concise, and Effective Programming, by Luciano Ramalho
    Honestly, I haven’t read it yet, but it’s a good book for intermediate and advanced programmers. I read a lot of good critics about it, and I can’t wait to read it.

Hopefully it helped you!
Have a nice day/evening!


That sounds. Thank you so much

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Hello Vanthao,

i can recommend you the Python course from Dr.Chuck:
You can also find a book to the course:

It really starts from the scratch, no prior knowledge is required.

Have fun :slight_smile:


I got it. Thank you so much

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  1. Python Crash Course , by Eric Matthes

Thank you for this post.
do you have any PDF material or online line to get this books.

any of the book.


Hi, I am not an expert coder. But i would say, there are some books related to Python challenge, it gives you real-life situations or some examples and you have to implement them. Its a coincidence that, just yesterday i ordered a book on Amazon called " 101 Extra Python Challenges: With Solutions / Code Listings (Python Programming Challenges by 101Computing.net by Kerampran, Philippe".

Also I think a book- “Python by Example: Learning to Program in 150 Challenges by
Nichola Lacey” is an excellent choice, but i could not get it amazon.

Please see the detail, to know if it really suits you.



Hello! I personally do not read books about python coding although I have heard that the Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition book is great for beginners. An alternative to a book could be sites such as Github and Codecademy. Sometimes you could learn alot just scrolling through one of these sites

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