I need help for my mobile app

Hello to all developers and forumers of freeCodeCamp, I need your technical experience.

I’m a college student and together with my team we were tasked to develop a mobile application and a prototype product. However our college course is not really for computer development like (Computer Engineering, IT and ComSci). We don’t have technical experience to create mobile application.

Our task is to create a Student Monitoring where students will input their rfid and fingerprint before joining the class. The application will hold the records of the student. My question is what are the steps for us to follow in order to develop a functional mobile application?.

We already watch youtube videos and google search like we know the terms of Arduino Studio, mySQL, Kotlin, AMazon Web Services. But we need your opinions because you may have already knowledge about this.

Hi there,

if you don´t have technical experience or some background knowledge with programming I guess this is a really difficult task which can take a few years :sweat_smile:

How is it going so far?

So as far as the videos/tutorials you’ve accessed, were those arbitrary choices, or something a professor or other professional suggested?

If so, I think you need (to start with) something like an architecture diagram to understand how those different technologies are going to relate/interact, to start. That can be a learning experience, but very valuable.

If not, I think this could be a good opportunity to ‘network’, or at least broaden your resource horizon. I bet there is something like an /r/mobileApps or the like, and they might be a good resource to describe your use case in order to get an idea of what your stack or architecture might look like for best practice’s sake.

Hi , I searched your query and find a better result for you.

In my views firstly you have to take some course if you afford it .You can take course to udemy or other platforms.

Whether you have to increase your searching power on google and change the region in your browser .You can go with USA and other foreign countries .Because this kind of query you have to find it very easily.

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