I Need Help On Getting Data from API


I’m new to API.

I have successfully created comment system on specific page and it’s made visible to user.

Now my problem is this…
I want to make user comment under a recently created topic.

I tried using forum id, but the comments stays under the forum. Not under the created post.

I want user to be able to GET comment under a newly created topic.

I will post the tags and parameters on my server.

id, id_not - set data id
pid, pid_not - set data id
key1, key2, key3, keyN_not - to set key
keyN_like - search key using regex pattern
category, category_not - set data category
userid, userid_not - set user ID (0 for guest)
limit - set display limit (max 20)
page - set optional page number (you can use tag like :GET(page):wink:
order - set order (new, old)
group - To get grouped result set group by on pid, userid, category, keyN . Example to get one per pid set GROUP = pid or GROUP = pid,category

%id% - get data id
%pid% - to get primary id
%userid% - get userid
%username% - to get user name
%role% - to get user role
%avatar% - to get profile picture
%key1%, %key2%, %key3% - optional keys
%date% - data creation date
%value1%, %value2%, %value3% - to get data
%delete% - data delete link
%count% - Number of data displaying
%total% - Total number
%pagenum% - Total page number based on limit
:PAGING(%first% %prev% %num% %next% %last%); - Pagination set on header or footer

no one here is willing to help. Not even a single comment.

This is bad.

Speaking for myself, there’s not enough detail here to be able to help. Do you have a link of a codepen or to your code? What does it mean it’s under the forum when there’s no mention of forum in the docs you posted? Is that referring to something on the window, as in physically being outputted on the screen, or something about the api?

Sorry, to sound harsh, but the first way to get good answers is to ask good questions.

Also, if you want to play around with APIs, do yourself a favor and download Postman and learn how to use it. It helps you very conveniently to see what’s coming out.

Thanks for your help.

And no…
You don’t sound hash.
At least, you said something.

I am having trouble with the API.

I will get the postman you suggested.