I need help with my landing page

can you please have a look at my product landing, i think i am doing something wrong but i don’t know what it is, also the signup is sticking to the top and not staying in the middle when i scroll to the top. check it here https://codepen.io/Aqua7/pen/eYJQwqa?editors=1100

You could create a layout class that would pus everything down, like margin-top: 4rem;

i am a beginner and i dont know how to do that, though i have tried but did not work. can you please edit it, thank you

On the signup form, put a <div class="layout"></div> then in css

.layout { margin-top: 50px }

Adjust the pixels accordingly.

thank you a lot, do you know why the background image is not coming up

That is a google link, you should right click on the google image and click on: copy image address.

thanks, do you see anything else i need to fix that i am not.

can you please check the site for me .