I need mentor on javascript, html and css

I already had some idea on JavaScript, html and css, but I need someone that will mentor me. I even build a website from scratch. If you want to know my skill level justjerry.atwebpages.com, for just testing my skill level, I use php too. I’ll be grateful to freecodecamp.org if I get one.

There is no formal mentoring program here at Free Code Camp of which am aware. We do try mentor others by answering campers’ questions here on the forum.

Since you already seem to have website building experience, what specifically are you wanting to learn more about? Have you gone through all of the challenges on the FreeCodeCamp.org site?

Pairing up with another programmer can also be helpful. You may find someone in the Let’s pair chat room : https://gitter.im/FreeCodeCamp/LetsPair