I need some help with my project

Hey guys I want to say first of all that I don’t have any experience rather than the one provided at free code camp so if the project looks rough that’s why.

Everything that I have done so far has been pretty straight forward but now I want to stylize the page with bootstrap like the one showed at the video example, problem is other than spacing I have no idea how to use bootstrap, and even for spacing I struggle with it.

So here it is what I done so far, give me some feedback, and let me know how could I use bootstrap to stylize the page

You need to understand how to use Bootstrap. This site will help.

ver 4

ver 3

Honestly, for this being the very first thing youve ever built…I think it looks pretty awesome and you did really well on your code as far as I can see. You’re off to a great start!!!

Im still trying to figure out Bootstrap myself here, and use the very same site that owel posted. I referred to it a million times while working on the two pages Ive done so far… First I decide what it is I want to do, then I search through the site to see how to do it. And if that doesnt work, I google bootstrap with whatever it is Im trying to do to find some resources.

Thank you for the kind words It really helps to have a good community to back you up when you need help :slight_smile: