My first front end development project

what do you guys think ?

Hey alyemad, looks good to me. Can I ask but, how much of this project did you end up using bootstrap for? I feel like I didnt do the project justice myself, didnt really use bootstrap much and I’m thinking about do it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

It looks good and is responsive. Good job!

thanks man appreciate it.

i dont exactly know how much i used bootstrap as i have been coding for 3 days only now and i think i dont really understand the purpose of many classes so i searched through a bootstrap website with detailed explanation of all classes.There is some classes which i dont really get like the “row” and the column system and how to adjust margin and padding using bootstrap.but i think i used it fairly enough while still getting the same outcome as quincy’s example.

Those classes are used to make a grid and grid is used to make a nice responsive layout. For example, if you want to have two columns of text, like in a newspaper, it means you’ll need one row and two columns inside it. Max possible number of columns is 12, so if you have two columns of equal size, you’ll need to specify that they take 6 places each (6 * 2 = 12). But if your page is viewed at mobile device with smaller width, you may want columns to take 12 spaces each in this case - then they’ll go just one after another, each taking all width.

cheers for the response

Great project! Simple and to the point easy to the eye and responsive ! Keep up the good work!