Group project would love some feedback!

Hi guys! ,

This is my first post here and currently doing the “Responsive website development” course (I hope I said it correctly).

I started my programming class 2 months ago and was assigned to create a website creation project.
Me and my friends decided to build a portfolio page using bootstrap 5 and this is what we came up with this;
Link to project:

Would love to have some feedback on things I should improve on and if I should had relied on bootstrap that much since I am still a beginner.

Just a few things that could be improved with regards to responsiveness:

  • When I’m viewing the About section and I start narrowing my browser window, there is a small period when a horizontal scroll bar shows up. Granted, it barely scrolls, but it is there.
  • Also in the About section, with narrower view ports you’ve got a second vertical scroll bar that probably shouldn’t be there.
  • In the Contact section, as I narrow the browser the inputs get very narrow. Instead, I would have them shift so that they stack vertically and each has more horizontal room. Also, I would probably move the little graphic above them, or get rid of it completely (at narrow widths).

This can easily turn into a flamewar :smiley: Personally, I think you are better off not using a CSS framework when you are initially learning as bootstrap sort of hides a lot of the gruesome details from you, which I feel you should probably know.

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Thanks I will look into those!

As for CSS I have had to struggle with pure CSS for a couple of weeks and kind of got familiar with the gruesome parts of it but I am also planning to complete another project without using any CSS frameworks.
When would you consider to start using frameworks? Because one thing I really struggle with is building a fully responsive website and bootstrap makes it a breeze.

Personally, I wouldn’t start using a framework until you can build a fully responsive website without one :slight_smile:

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