I Need Some Serious Mobile Help

I finally got a chance to do the “Hello World” project and a few other projects with my Android cell phone. Now I am having a problem completing the “Kitty Ipsum” project with my cell phone. I am getting frustrated because I really am enjoying this program and I want to be successful with FreeCodeCamp.org. Am I doing something wrong or is this FreeCodeCamp meant to be for PC and Laptops? Please help. Thanks.

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I have been trying to do the first lesson, “Hello World” on my Android phone. I can’t get past it, because the text editor won’t let me put a space after Hello. It only let’s me put HelloWorld. Please help. Do I have to do the assignments with a PC or a laptop. What’s going on?

I can’t tell what is goin on excatly since it can be many things.
Your phone having allot of apps blocking it or something else.
So maybe try copying paste a space
Or open a browser window in incognito mode on your phone

Everything is fine now. I had to download CodeBoard for everything to work on my Android. Thanks.

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To answer your question: Here is a helpful article: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/freecodecamp-mobile/

However, it is recommended you complete the fCC curriculum on a large screen device, on the latest stable version of Chrome.

Hope this helps

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