I have finished my CatPhoto App, how do i practice making another photo app and where

you can download “Visual Studios” to start making your own projects by coding them as you did before in freecodecamp

I’ve seen many people using online editors such as code pen.
Using an online editor means you can link to it when you need others to see your code when asking for help. Or just want to show people what your working on.

CodePen: Online Code Editor and Front End Web Developer Community

However I personally have not used this editor.
(Tho it could have saved me a lot of stress when learning)

I started with notepad, since its on every windows PC.
It was a great way to learn how files link together, but isn’t the best editor out there.
I’ve also used Brackets which has a preview using Crome, and now use VS code.

Here is how to make an HTML file.
(the example uses notepad for simplicity but this can be done using any downloaded editor)

  • some amount of boiler plate is needed to tell the browser what the file is
<!doctype html>

The head is where you put instructions such as linking other files
(freeCodeCamp will explain this later in their course)
The body is where the content for the page goes.

I recommend you wait until you have completed the bellow sections before starting to build your own projects

  • Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu
  • Learn CSS Colours by Building a Set of Colored Markers

Learning the foundation of CSS will open up so many possibilities in design and teach you how files work together to create a web page.

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