I need your help, i am stuck

I am new here and I do not know how to get started. Please I need your help

Are you looking for advice for where to start with the coding curriculum on freecodecamp?

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Yes I am Looking on how to start,
but I am confuse and I have no idea on how to go about it.

You can start on Responsive Web Design.

That is were I first clicked but I do not know how is whole thing function, I do not have any clue.

Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App, then proceed to step 1.

To be honest with you, i do not know how to do that.

Hi @happypoultryfarm0

Are you logged into freeCodeCamp to save your work? If you did already, just tab on the number 1 and it will open first step / problem.

I tap at number 1 and it shows a cat face, below the cat face, it says start coding. When I click the “start coding” button, that is where I got stuck because i do not know what to do next.
Please do not blame, I am a newbie in the field of coding and i have never learn coding anywhere before, this is my first time.

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Hi @happypoultryfarm0
Don’t be afraid clicking around because you always can reset the lecture.
The picture it is the project you are going to do during next lessons, so take a long look to that and keep in mind what are you are trying to get at the end. And click on Start Coding button. Every step you will have a lecture and HTML (and CSS, most of the times) tabs. Read carefully, inspect the code. And try to solve it.
All tabs can be turned off and on just clicking on it. In case you need inspect or just read your HTML or the CSS involve.
The button Check your code will tell you if the code is good, it will apair a green border or it is wrong, in this case they will give you a message error. Read that and try it again.
Sometimes you will have after check your code other buttons, Help, Hint. If you get stuck try to go to Hint.
If you dont understand some concept try to get information about it on internet: mdn docs web or w3schools, for example.
Good luck!

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