I really need guidance and advice

i m 18yo and i just dont like any of the universities available for me in my country (economics/engineering/healthcare…) so i decided to follow what i wanna do which is coding .i wanna focus all my time on becoming a selftaught progammer . can i plz get some advice on what i should do after finishing the Curriculum ? because i want to build a professionnel career since i ll be quitting university . Am i doing the right thing ? Your guidance is MUCH appreciated and thank you <3

If you can stay in university, I would stay in university. Having a degree makes it far easier to get a job.

That said, if you want to go the self taught route, you’ll want to put in roughly the equivalent of 4 years of coursework so you can demonstrate that your skills and knowledge are as good as those of a college graduate. If you finish everything on fCC, I’d look at other online courses, like CS50, I would look at open source projects, and I would look at other projects you can build yourself.

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other than resources suggested above, there is also this collection of courses and resources that is roughly the equivalent of a CS degree

if you can, go with a somewhat related university course (mathematics, IT, computer science…) if there is nothing that it is accessible to you, you will need both do the coursework on your own, and also show what you have learned once you go job hunting without a degree, there is where having projects to showcase, and people that can voice for you (networking, networking, networking!) will give you a push in the right direction


the problem is i dont have access to any university related to programing .i never knew about CS50 courses thank you .I can learn without paying right ?cuz i probably wouldnt be able to aford a 1k couse xD

if you want the certificate at the end it should be less than 100$, but you can audit the course for free

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I recognize that university isn’t a viable option for everyone, but I would also really encourage you to try to make the most of it. A decent university offers so much value beyond just the courses you take. A STEM degree will give you a strong advantage, even if you are underwhelmed by the computer science coursework. The broader curriculum of a degree gives you a strong foundation for programming within a wide variety of fields. Universities provide professional networking, career support, and training wheels for adulthood. Professors are experts in their field and will almost always go above and beyond to help a student who engages with genuine effort and curiosity.

If you are sure that higher education is not a good path for you, I wouldn’t worry too much about what you would do after the freeCodeCamp curriculum. It’s pretty extensive and will take enough time for you to build up expertise and confidence, so you’ll be able to self-direct pretty well. While following the freeCodeCamp curriculum, you’ll branch out into other resources. You’ll need to in order to build the projects and this will lead you into new areas of interest. Many people who go far into the freeCodeCamp curriculum end up pursuing their own passion projects before they finish. Those who do go through the whole curriculum all have had different experiences and taken different paths by the time they are finished.

Start learning the basics. Don’t worry about what to do after you’ve achieved expertise.

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The idea of a university with zero programming curriculum is bizarre to me.

But yes, there are free and cheap options online if you are willing to put in 4 years of work on your own.

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just what i wanted to hear thank you for taking the time to reply to my post <3

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