I started a blog! What would YOU want to read about?

Hi friends! I just launched a blog that I want to use to track my progress through freeCodeCamp as well as my general learning journey. I’m here to ask — what would YOU want to see in a blog you were reading from a fellow student? I’m trying to figure out what type of content I want to put up, how often, etc. How much technical vs. reflective/personal content are you interested in? I’m definitely going with a more conversational, accessible tone, but there are a lot of directions I could go within that framework. Would love any feedback of any type!


I’m not much of a blog reader and tend to skim read everything anyway (bad habit).
What I would say is make the blog for yourself first and foremost.
So as you try things and hit challenges, note down how you resolved those problems.
This will be like a diary for yourself and you can show this to others to demonstrate your learning path.
I personally built a couple of sites but they are just for storing links to projects or code examples and resources. Nothing special.
What you could do which I would like to read is a comparison of different technologies eg) Bulmer vs Bootstrap, Angular vs React, that sort of thing.

In terms of what would I like to read, I guess anything that you struggle with as you go through the course, how you overcame it and what you have learnt from it. Also, any handy little tips you pick up along the way. I would say keep it roughly 50/50 in terms of technical/personal.

I will definitely be checking it out and I look forward to following your journey. One interesting thing to try as you go through fCC would be to see if you can recreate your blog from scratch in HTML. I’ve been going through the curriculum along Web Developer Bootcamp from Udemy and I feel confident I could do it. I would be interested to see you do a series of posts in trying to recreate it yourself as well.

The one key though, as JohnnyBizzel said, is to make the blog for yourself first of all.

Good luck with it.

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Thanks for the feedback! I definitely like the diary mindset, and as I learn more, the comparison thing will be super interesting.

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Thanks! That’s a lot of super helpful advice.

Would love for you to follow along and give feedback if you ever feel so inclined. I appreciate it all.

if I ever get back into mine I’ll follow you. Good luck!

Pick an API and learn about it. Use it in a project that is practical and serves as a simple demonstration of the usage of the API. Give step by step instructions, with code samples. Talk about the problems you faced and how you solved them. Start with APIs that are simple and common. As you progress, go for APIs that are more challenging or cutting edge. Try your best to answer questions from readers, increasing the scope of your own knowledge and skills. This should keep your blog going for the foreseeable future.