I think I finally got the Wikipedia Viewer working...critique?

Project Link - https://codepen.io/tlannoye11/full/RgpqaZ/

The hexagon theme ended up not being as useful as I originally thought, but I did manage to get the API call to work, and at least the Search box still slides like I wanted it to. Let me know if there’s anything I missed.

EDIT: Added a control to dictate how many results the user can retrieve when searching…

Hi, @tlannoye11.

Your project looks really good, I liked the design very much!

Wikipedia Viewer is going to be my next challenge. Can you give me some advices or useful links, that will be helpful for me?

@anon28782659 there were two hard parts for me, aside from obsessing way too much on styling my concept:

  1. The API calls are pretty confusing. The documentation page has a lot of information, but deciphering it and knowing what to ask for are the hard parts. For starters, there are several different types of searches you can make. You can do “action: query, list: search”, to get Google-like search results, but those results can only return the title of the page and a random snippet that contains the search string. It took me a while to figure out that the random snippets were in fact random and not full sentence descriptions. You can also do something called a “geosearch”, and one other I can’t remember.
  2. Because of my dev environment and Chrome being a memory hog, I wasn’t able to see that my search form was automatically refreshing the page every time, which blew away the search results that I had created when I pressed that button. You can suppress that by doing a “preventDefault()” in the submit event of your search button (Googling this was also helpful).

Let me know if you have any other questions.