I think I finished my FCC Survey Form

Here is the link

What do you think? Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for your feedback.

Clean and simple.

Works well for me.

Good job. :+1:

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Overall it is very clear and crisp design, well done.

Viewing it on desktop in chrome, the dropdown select text is obscured (cut off half way). I noticed you had set a height of 34px for that. If you open chrome dev tools, inspect that element and uncheck that css rule it seems to fix it (giving it an overall box height of 38px). If you check the box model for the other input sections in dev tools the height adds up to 36px (8,1,12,15). Maybe set them all at 38px?

Happy coding

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I did my tests on a Mac using Chrome, Safari and Mozilla but I didn’t test in Chrome Windows. Anyway your suggestion is correct. I missed this one. Thank you!

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