I think I've hit a mental roadblock

I always have this happen whenever I start to get into new material. I decided to try and learn Ember.js, but it didn’t help. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to overcome this? It’s so frustrating, because I’m capable of a lot, I just can’t break it.

You can’t do anything but what you’re already doing. Some days I’m like some sort of programming demigod, and other days I literally can’t make toast. Maybe take a break and come back refreshed. Get a good night’s sleep. Have a spa day. Whatever you do, just accept the ebb and flow of your mental resources.


I take a break. A day, 2 days… I just take a break. Get out, do stuff, get away from the computer. I’ll set a length of time I’ll come back to whatever I get stuck on, and usually within the first 10 minutes of me getting back into what I left off on, I find a solution. I make sure I have slept good, eaten, taken care of myself too. That’s important as developers. Sound body, sound mind, sound code.

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@bethqiang yes and yes. I just find myself struggling with topics I shouldn’t struggle with, or not grasping basic concepts.

20 minutes? About 20 hours for me :stuck_out_tongue:

For a break from FCC I go on codewars.com sometimes. Or watch some YouTube videos about something else I want to learn.
Or just go for a walk.

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