I want seek some guidance

I was recently learn some new technology and I’m really confuse How to master them.
Database: Which database should I master SQL or NoSQL in current time.

Language: Which backend language should I master nodeJs, python or php which one is better choice to code backend.

Framework: Which framework should I master ReactJS, Vue or Angular.

Your feedback is really help to me.

Thank you very much.

@priyanshushrama709 hey,

A good way to decide would be to do some job search in your area and see what the most popular tech is used because your area might not even use SQL Database and you spent all this time learning it so best to check up first, for example my area uses React, php and SQL mostly but i also see a lot of angular and .net for bigger companies.

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Aiming to master something is the quickest way to end up in not learning anything past the one thing you set out to master. If your just starting out, don’t aim to master, aim to be sufficient to a pint but still go out and learn other stuff. You want to keep your options open by learning multiple technologies, and facets, rather than get good at 1 or 2 things out of the gate.

As said above, you should checkout what is being asked for in your area. There isn’t much use in mastering React if everyone is asking for Angular experience for example.

I want to re-iterate that having JS skills to learn each of these frameworks is required. Be sure to have a grasp on JS before jumping into frameworks. You will still be required to learn more about JS for the said framework, but having a good base of JS skills is pretty much required.

This is the only one where I’d say its more important to understand the underlying database design rather than a specific database technology. Generally there are cheap/free options for using NoSQL, such as Mongodb Atlas, but SQL databases will teach you more about database design. Focus on the concepts rather than the technology.

Finally I just want to iterate, to not focus on becoming a master, rather focus on a wide breadth of technology so you can keep your doors open.

Good luck, keep learnin!