I want to leave my job and join FCC. Can I complete it in 4 months?

Hi All,

I need your opinion about my current situation.
I am working in a Cafe. I have done some coding tutorials and I am familiar with basic concepts of programming. I enjoy programming and computer sciences very much and want to enter the tech industry either as employed or self-employed. I am thinking to get a loan from the bank to cover my living costs for 4 months and join FCC and spend 40 to 50 hours per week studying the curriculum. Will I be able to complete the course in 4 months?

Once I complete the course, I can go back to my previous job and look for developer jobs while I work on my coding projects.

I do not think that I can spend studying 60 hours per week as I don’t want to be overwhelmed!

I appreciate your opinion on this matter.

I would aim to work and study at the same time. It might take longer, but finishing FCC doesn’t instantly make you a developer who is going to get paid big $$. I would say the time it takes for you to complete the entire FCC curriculum depends on the person. You could fly through the HTML+CSS stuff in a week, but then hit a roadblock learning javascript for months

Now as a gauge, if you spent all your time “developing”, to a degree you could call it actual experience, (assume you had an internship or something as an example) you’d still end up with less than 1 year of experience. So job hunting at that point would still be tough, even if you got a lot done in that amount of time.

So if you were to spend 4 months studying, living off a loan, odds are you will come out knowing a good amount, and getting though a good portion of FCC. Idk if you would get through all of it (depends on you really), but you’d still lack a good amount of experience Id say. So it’s still risky.

I recommend starting FCC on the side and see how far you can get in your extra time, but keep your current job I would not risk employment just to get a certification from FCC.