Scheduling/Structuring Study time

Hi all!

I am brand new to FCC, just stumbled upon this resource online while searching for ways to learn programming. I had some experience with Java in High School through an AP Computer Science course, but ended up going the education route in College. 11 years since my last experience coding, and looking to jump back in with the goal of changing careers.

I had some questions as I get started reviewing the material:

  1. How long would you all estimate that it would be for someone to go through this curriculum and be “job ready”? I am very ambitious with my goals and hoped to make this change within 12-18 months, but if that is unrealistic, any feedback is appreciated.
  2. How is it recommended that you break up the sections and coursework? I work well with structured/scheduled times, so just wonder how everyone else did that.
  3. Do you take notes, or do anything else outside of just the FCC coursework to ensure you retain the information you are learning? Do you recommend study materials in addition to the online learning?

Any advice you have for a newbie who is definitely wanting to dive in, but a little nervous since it is a field I have almost zero experience in. I’ve read the success stories and the challenges, but just looking for some more practical guidance. Thanks!

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It honestly depends on your familiarity with the subject and study habits.

12 to 18 months is plenty to get through the curriculum and be job ready(which probably requires a little more than just the FCC curriculum), but maybe a little optimistic for completing a career change. Getting a job is an entire journey all to itself. They don’t just hire you right as you finish learning.

The curriculum does a decent enough job of breaking down the lesson. Consistency is the key, rather than speed and volume. Coding and studying every day beats finishing 50 lessons in a day. I recommend you each week you set new miles stones for yourself, track and adjust as you succeed or fail these milestones.

It depends. Part of learning things on the internet is that everything is so readily accessible that you don’t try to remember anything, so if it is helpful, do definitely take notes. However, when it comes to coding, writting comments as you code, reference documentation in your code definitely goes a long way in learn by doing.

Resources outside of the curriculum is definitely necessary. I recommend you do some job searches around the area of your desired employment. Get a sense of what job requirements are and technology demands and be ready to learn some things that FCC doesn’t readily teach you.

Find some peers in real life, not just online. Attend meet ups, hackathons, seminars, talks, civic coding …etc. Code with people, talk tech with people, network. In addition to maybe meeting some new friends, you could probably get opportunities and feedbacks that you’ll likely never get sending applications into the ether.

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