I wonder yours opinions about my projects,please share me:)

Hi Eveybody:)

I m happy to share my Responsive Web Design Projects…
I know there are some deficiencies related to Css but I would appreciate if you share your feedback and the things you think are missing.

Thanks and Happy Coding!!
Personal Portfolio

Looks great. Maybe reduce the padding a little on mobile-width layouts? Other than that it’s cool!

thanks :slight_smile: ı will try :slight_smile:

Yeah looks good. The color scheme is nice for sure.

It’d be nice to have a hover effect on the project thumbnails though!

Also the heading at the bottom “Let’s tell me your opinion” is a little confusing. Might want to reword that to “Let’s get your opinion” or something along those lines.

yeah you’re absolutely right.I wanna improve myself and I noticed your advice on my mind:)
thanks for feedback:)

I thought it was nice.

My favorite was the technical documentation page. I liked the anchors on the left.

I haven’t viewed it on my mobile.

I did notice on the product landing page you are using some tags or classes ‘rowtab’ that I don’t remember learning. I’ll have to go back and review the curriculum.

Thanks Helen, your pages look really nice,too :wink:

I used some rowTabs in My Survey Form page, If I remember truly,there was no chapter about rowTab in curriculum,but I m not sure.
( rowTab works for stack form elements nicely.)