I would like some feedback on my Portfolio

Hello, I have created a portfolio of projects and I am ready to apply for jobs. I would love some feedback on my portfolio and the areas that can be improved.


Thank you

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Hi @AwesomeCoder26 !

I moved your post over to the #career section since that seemed more appropriate.

For the code snippets library all of the words at the bottom of the cards seem a little cut off.

IMO, I don’t think skill bars add anything to a website.
Your prospective employer is going to judge your work and decide where you are skilled at.

There is not need to rate yourself.

They are going to rate you :grinning:

I’m no coding wizard, but viewing your website on my phone tells me that it isn’t responsive enough at smaller screen sizes. I’m using a galaxy s9…

Really ought to spend time cleaning that up I reckon.

It looks like it could be a great website but I can only see a quarter of it :upside_down_face:

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