IBM is hiring 50+ AI App Engineers this year!

Hello Fellow Coders!

I’m a senior executive in the AI practice at IBM. I also happen to be a huge fan of “freeCodeCamp” and the incredible community that Quincy has built. I’m an executive (read: ancient), but I still love to code, and I love prototyping and leading engineering teams.

I wanted to reach out to you all because I’m building a national engineering team this year of “AI App Engineers”.

What is an AI App Engineer? Basically, someone who can leverage app code patterns such as the one here:

… and quickly hack together MVPs and prototypes for our clients.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a PhD or not a Masters in AI/Quant/Math/Etc.

If you can code good node.js apps or python apps - I will mentor and train you to pick up the rest.

Our stack makes use of node, Python, Spark, and IBM Bluemix - our PaaS. We are looking for creative coders that can bring it all together, and tell a story, and paint a picture … with code.

I’m hiring throughout the year, so if you can hack it… Email me your resume immediately at to learn more.

Email Resumes:
Linkedin Messages:
Twitter Messages: @kp_tweets


Thanks for letting us know about the opportunity, kanish. A little early for a newb like me to seriously consider this, but good luck to those who do!

Hey! Newbs rule! :slight_smile:

I encourage folks to also study and use the free code at:

These are all inspired from real-world cast studies, and I think that being able to incorporate them into your self-study program this year will make you immediately marketable.

Hah, thanks for the encouragement! Finishing up the wiki app but will definitely take a closer look once that’s done.

Thank you so much! I will be reaching out to you :slight_smile:

I haven’t went far into Python but I will add this to my studies. Thanks!