Idea for my upcoming site

I want to create the document uploading site,but i don’t know where to start!!!

Start with a pen and a paper. Write down what do you want to achieve and look up what technologies and APIs you are going to need. Break down you big picture into smallest needed tasks and start from #1. If you’re asking about what code you should write then, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to that because that depends on your project. Maybe first layout a basic static HTML with a form upload and see if you can manage to construct a simple server to handle its’ request. So in that case it’s pure HTML and JavaScript for a front-end and something of your taste/need for a back-end.


what do you mean to create simple server?

Have you worked through the Back-end challenges in the Free Code Camp curriculum? If not, that is a good place to understand some of the basic principles needed to build such a project.

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Depending on the scale of your project you need to process files in a server one way or another, store and retrieve them from a database or a file system (but this kind of choice is another subject).
From your response I assume that you don’t have the knowledge about server side things required for this project so @RandellDawson’s advice is the best place to start since you’re here. Once done, you should have a better grasp of how things are handled there in the back end and move on from there.

How can i upload my website online, how can I link one page to another

What have you tried so far?

Are you asking how to deploy your website or, how to connect links to other pages in your website, or are these separate questions?

One way to upload your website is to get a hosting account with a domain and then connect to your server via FTP and upload the files to the directory the domain is pointing to. However, it would be best if you could answer the earlier questions to get the right advice.

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thank you,
to be clear i wanted to ask that how to organize all those files(html,css and javascripts
before upload them to FTP

i have written some html,and css