Ideas to implement the mail sending feature in Portfolio challenge

I have coded up the UI of my portfolio page. However, I cannot figure out the mail sending user story, and I don’t have any background for this. I researched a bit, and I found that you can’t actually send a mail using HTML and the mailto property just opens the mail client on the machine. I have been using a Linux Mint laptop. I would appreciate any input on how I can write the mail sending part.

Also, I have problems viewing it on a mobile phone screen. It is messy. Can I do anything about the view on mobile screens? I do realize that it will perhaps be resolved if I add the col-xs classes, but that changes the view on computer screens.
Here is the codepen link.

have a look at this SendGrid article. It explains how to send mail on a static site.

So sorry I’m replying late. I got held up with schoolwork. Could you give me feedback for the rest of the site?