If the user is online or not

Hello, Fellow Campers,
Hope all are done good,

I have a small bug or problem that’s,

When a user is online it is shown in the bar below the Subform filters.
But when you see the user’s profile it shows that the user that before “Seen 1 min”. It even happens to me as you see in the picture I have posted

If I have misunderstood anything, please let me know in the PM.

I see “9 mins ago”, and your last post was “9 mins ago”, maybe it’s that

But there another text saying

“Last Post: 9 mins”

as said in the image.

it’s probably your last action or something like that

it can’t keep updating each moment for everyone online

if you want to find more, the forum sofrware is Discourse, it’s open source so you can look at all the code and find what’s going on there

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